E5 Collective was born during a worldwide pandemic. Once again, unhealthy lifestyle choices and obesity rose to the forefront as contributing risk factors to increases in mortality rates. E5 Collective is a movement intended to help make fitness and activity more accessible to all. We set our pricing to help do just that. In addition to providing those who already exercise regularly with a fresh format, E5 Collective is a great place to start and can be tailored to meet a variety of fitness levels.

Fitness professionals can use this format with individuals, small groups or larger classes, inside the studio, on the turf, in the gymnasium or at the park. E5 Collective isn’t dependent on one sole type of equipment, and trainers and instructors can use what they already own. The mission is to meet fitness professionals…. wherever YOU are, with whatever YOU have, and help YOU bring innovative, smart programming to ALL types of people. Our pricing is affordable for everyone. Learn more in our FAQ.